Treasured Find

Treasured Find e-book cover image by Nancy Corrigan book 1 in the Royal-Kagan series, part of the Shifter World, a best-selling, a critically acclaimed paranormal suspense romance novel

Never dare a shifter...
to mate you.

As a human living in the Shifter World, Jasmine knew better than to get involved with a shifter. They’re dangerous, possessive, wild, and…


But Rafe kept calling her his true mate and treating her like his queen.

She had a moment of weakness, okay?

Now, a crazy stalker wants her dead and all the secrets she has worked so hard to keep hidden might end up sealing her fate. Unless Rafe ends her human life first…

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Book Information

  • ISBN e-book = 978-1-953075-90-1
  • ASIN e-book = B09ZNWQV3X
  • Series = Royal-Kagan
  • # in Series = 1
  • Publisher = Cherokee House Publishing
  • Author = Nancy Corrigan
  • Genre = Paranormal Suspense Romance (Fiction)
  • Mainstream Fiction (open-door) version of RAFE by Dana Archer

"I think I have found a shifter series to rival all others!" - Readerholic ★★★★★

"...this is going in my top 10!" - Regina ★★★★★

"This was the best book I've read all year!" - Stacy ★★★★★

"Fast moving story with lots of action, romance and intrigue." - Julianna D ★★★★★

"I would recommend this book to anyone into shifters!" - Patricia K. ★★★★★

The eagerness humming within him worried him. Lust was one thing. The desire to lock her to his side was an entirely different beast. So too was the longing to look into her gray eyes or hear her voice. That kind of fascination could be dangerous. For both of them.

He came with baggage, the kind that thought nothing of ripping a person's throat out if it didn't like them.

"I want you to be my mate, Jasmine." He licked the spot at the base of her neck. "I will bite you here, searing my claim onto your body and soul."

"With your fangs, right? You're going to leave a scar on me?"

"A beautiful mate mark, not a scar. All mated women wear a bite." He nipped the spot with his fangs. "And you will enjoy wearing it.

"Am I hot enough for you?"

Her jaw dropped, but the evidence of her desire hung heavy in the air around them. Her scent drew him. Tempted him.

"Good." He grinned. "I'm glad I fit your needs."

"I didn't say that."

"You didn't have to." He took her hand, linking their fingers, and led her away from her friend and the other humans' appreciative glances. He wanted to talk to her alone. The sooner he learned her story, the better. She felt good in his arms. Right. He wanted to uncover the reason why.

She blew out a breath and pushed the heavy weight of her hair off her shoulder. It didn't help. Her skin burned. "I must admit I did think of you too. Once or twice."

His deep chuckle filled the line. She reacted to the sound as if he stood behind her and held her close. Need sparked, leaving her sensitized.

"Once or twice isn't good enough. I should be in your every waking thought."

"Is that so?"

"Yes. I want to see you. Now."

"I want you to be my mate, Jasmine." He licked the spot at the base of her neck. "I will bite you here, searing my claim onto your body and soul."

"With your fangs, right? You're going to leave a scar on me?"

"A beautiful mate mark, not a scar. All mated women wear a bite." He nipped the spot with his fangs. "And you will enjoy wearing it."

Jazz waited until the hallway door swung closed, then glanced at Rafe. "You heal quickly?"

"Very. We're hard to kill too. Well, Royals are. Single shifters heal quicker than humans, but they're not as strong as a Royal. They can still die from their injuries."


"Multi-animal shifters. We're direct descendants of the goddesses so the single shifters slapped the title 'Royal' on us. It stuck."

She stared at him for a moment, then snapped her mouth closed. "Direct descendants of the goddesses? Care to clarify that?"

"A few thousand years ago, the gods created the first shifters by joining their human warriors with the souls of predators."

"How did they do that? And why?"

"No idea how. The why is simple—they wanted stronger, more cunning, and vicious warriors."

"For what?"

"Recognize this?" Rafe held up one of the dozens of bid sheets Evan had found in the storage unit Tony had shared with his neighbor.

"No." Josh frowned. "What is it?"

Josh's scent didn't change nor did Rafe's cats alert him to any questionable body language. Rafe blew out a relieved breath. Josh hadn't been a part of Tony's gambling life.

"A bid sheet."

"For what?" Josh snatched the paper. "Cage fighting?"

What would Jasmine think if she learned the truth? Would she look upon him the same way? Maybe run from him?

He let his head rest against the wall. She would if she knew how Royals had to claim human mates—at the point of death. And if one of his cats refused her? Or she panicked and refused him? She'd die. If his cats accepted her, however, she'd be his for eternity.

His one true mate.

The goddesses had promised all shifters—singles and Royals—peace in the form of a true mate. Too bad their goddesses hadn't offered them an easy way to find their perfect complement, the one person who could calm both man and beast. The only advice their elders gave was to trust your instincts. That was great for the single shifters. If their animals refused to complete the bond, or she did, they'd leave their lover with a scar. If Royals picked poorly, they'd end up as murderers.

It was no wonder few Royals mated. Or found peace.

He let his gaze drift to the closed door. Would Jasmine risk her life for him? Or would...

Jazz took in the curvy road ahead and braced herself against the dashboard. "Slow down."

"No. That guy showed himself for one reason—to warn us. He's either following us or knows where we're going. Either way, time is against us."

"What if he already has Seth and Levi?"

"Call the house." He pulled out his phone.

She took it and dialed but before she hit send, Megan screamed. Josh slammed on the brakes.

Jazz flicked her gaze to the road. An uprooted tree blocked it.

The butterflies in her belly took flight. "You know, I'm starting to enjoy the odd way you talk. It makes me feel as if I've walked into a world where princesses wait to be swept away by knights in shining armor."

He grinned. "You would make a beautiful princess."

"Would I?"

"One to be fought for." He twirled a lock of her hair around a finger. "What about me? Would I fill the role of your knight in shining armor?"

She ran her hands over his chest. The sensation of hard muscle under her palms sent a shiver of awareness through her body. "I don't know if any horse would be able to carry you for long. I see you more as a warrior. Maybe a conqueror."

"One who demands the bonny ladies as his reward after a battle?" He swept her into his arms. She gasped and grabbed his shoulders. "Oh yes, I like this fantasy, and in it I get to choose you as my booty." He bent closer so his golden brown eyes filled her vision. "I think I might keep you."

Her breath hitched. "I think you have a wild imagination."

"Or a hopeful one."

She pushed against his shoulder. "Put me down. People are starting to stare."

"Let them. It's not my fault the men in this town were stupid enough not to claim you."

She caught her lip to stop her grin. "You know how to flatter a woman, don't you?"

"I'm only telling the truth."

"Are you now?"

"Yes, and I'll give you another fact." He focused his lust-hazed gaze on her. "I want you."