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Treasured Find (Shifter World® Royal-Kagan series, book 1)

An immortal shifter and a mortal woman form an unlikely bond amid the secrets that kept them safe—and the truths that threaten to separate them forever.

Jasmine Wyn has always distrusted people: men in general, and shifter men specifically. When a handsome stranger appears out of nowhere to help locate a friend’s child, she’s drawn to Rafe in ways she doesn’t understand. Still, Jasmine has secrets to protect. No man, no matter how tempting, is going to endanger those she loves.

But someone else is determined to destroy her quiet life. A stalker with a personal vendetta has his sights on her, and he doesn’t care how many people suffer as long as he gets what he wants. Jasmine must decide if she can place her safety and trust in Rafe, the man who’s already stolen her heart…

Rafe Alexander, a Royal feline shifter, sees his police work both as a calling and as a way to keep human knowledge of their kind to a minimum. When he investigates a shifter kid living with a human, the scent trail leads to Jasmine, a child caretaker who’s reluctant to tell Rafe anything.

Their undeniable chemistry forces Rafe to realize he’s falling for Jasmine, hard. If she is his true mate, he’ll have to confront her with the unspeakable challenges they’ll face to complete the bond. But first, he has to save her from a relentless enemy who’s always one step ahead.

Beautiful Mistake (Shifter World® Royal-Kagan series, book 2)

A feral shifter turned hero. A betrayed woman fighting for the innocent. And a love strong enough to heal both their hearts.

Lena Burnett has known about shifters for years, and the only one who’s never deceived her is the female shifter child her family adopted. But Lena’s sister-by-love is the last of her kind and wanted by all. When an evil shifter group targets her family, Lena makes the selfless choice to turn herself into bait so her adopted sister can escape.

Getting captured wasn’t part of Lena’s plan, however. Neither is getting hurt or falling in love with her savior. But the primal shifter male who rescues her tempts Lena in ways she can’t explain. Their connection is intense and primitive and irresistible. Devin promises to be one of the good guys too. All she has to do is lead him to her adopted sister…

Devin Moore, a Royal feline shifter, is a breath away from being deemed too dangerous to live. Only his primal instincts to defend the innocent saves him from a death sentence. When a tip leads him to a kidnapping in progress, Devin stops the enemy the only way he knows how, but the brave human in the center of the fight isn’t an adversary. His cats recognize her. Lena’s important.

Lena is his.

To claim his true mate, Devin will have to expose Lena to his troubled soul and the crazed thoughts running through his head. But Lena is worth overcoming every obstacle. And bringing home the innocent child who brought them together is a battle Devin will fight until his dying breath.

Favorite Obsession (Shifter World® Royal-Kagan series, book 3)

Forbidden is in the eye of the beholder.

Mira is a wanted woman. Every unmated shifter male is vying to father her children, but she’s holding out for a man who will love her, unconditionally. After centuries of searching, the human male who fights for her proves to be the mate she’s been searching for. Josh is unlike any shifter male she’s known. Their connection is primal, exciting, powerful…and forbidden.

The prophecy hanging over her head demands she breed. Josh can’t give her babies, only love. For the Shifter Council, for every male who wants her, for the fate of their species…love isn’t enough. But love is all Mira yearns for.

Josh Conway has been searching for someone all his life. When he sees Mira, he knows she’s the woman he’s been waiting for. The fact that she’s a different species, that the future of the shifter world rests on her shoulders, or that she’s being forced to mate a man she doesn’t love won’t change his mind.

Mira is his woman.

And Josh isn’t about to let anyone take her from him, especially not an evil shifter who is willing to sacrifice anyone to win. If the enemy wants to play dirty, so will Josh. It’s all about the endgame. And for Josh, Mira is worth dying for.

Chance on Love (Shifter World® Royal-Kagan series, book 4)

Sometimes taking a chance is the only choice.

As the public face of Kagan Industries, Sean Reynolds has no interest in pack politics or leadership. But when the rightful next in line wolf shifter abandons the pack, the void becomes an opportunity of a lifetime—in his wolf’s eyes, anyway. Not in Sean’s eyes.

But with the influence of the full moon revving up his primal drives, resisting the lure of power is draining. He needs a distraction. Drinking at the human bar gives it to him…until a sultry blonde captures his attention. And when she abruptly disappears, his choice is made. She is not getting away. Ever.

Bridged by Love (Shifter World®: Royal-Kagan series, book 5)

A broken man…A determined woman…A fight to bridge the heart of a pack.

From the moment he took his first breath, Nic Kagan’s life was sealed. He’d mate, produce an heir, and lead his pack into the next generation.

Every day since maturing has been a battle of wills with the obstinate wolf he houses. It wants to breed with the most powerful shifter female it can find. Nic wants to bind his soul to the human female he fell in love with years ago.

Riley owns his heart. Well, half of it. His wolf owns the rest. And it’s not wasting its chance to breed on a human mate. With the current alpha on death’s door, the fate of the pack is at stake.

Nic has no choice. He has to take his rightful place. But that doesn’t mean he has to bow down willingly to the demands of his baser half. Love is powerful in its own right. And worth fighting for.

Shared for Love (Shifter World®: Royal-Kagan series, book 6)

Love has no boundaries…even when it’s taboo.

As the rightful leader of his pack, Ethan Jager has yearned for years to free his pack mates from Michael Tanner’s oppressive rule. But he couldn’t. He was born broken, without the primitive urge to breed.

While his primal side has slept, his heart has chosen widower and fellow pack dominant, Noah. But everything changes the day Hannah Kagan smiles at him. Primitive drives awaken, demanding Nic claim his mate. With Hannah by his side, he can save his pack. But doing so will also rip his heart in two. His love for Hannah doesn’t dim his craving for Noah.

Choosing between his lovers isn’t an option. But his decision to love both his true mate and the mate of his heart will transform the pack and their world…if he can keep Hannah and Noah alive long enough to claim them.

Last Chance (Shifter World®: Royal-Kagan series, book 7)

One virgin. Two dominant shifters. One last chance to claim their destiny.

Xander, alpha of the Royal Winchester pack, has chased his true mate through the centuries. And screwed things up with her each time their paths have crossed. She’s always been too soft, too innocent, too perfect. He’s not. He’s wicked, dominant, and demanding…especially in bed.

The moment he sees Gwen, though, he realizes he’s been given another chance to make things right. That’s exactly what he’s going to do too. He has a plan—earn her forgiveness, unleash her sexuality, win her love. Simple. Or maybe not. His best friend claims Gwen belongs to him too.

Vlad has made a mistake. Instead of claiming his true mate in this lifetime, he slept with Gwen’s sister. Then dozens of women after her. And when Gwen needed him most, he failed her. Now her virginity is being offered up to the best hunter.

Rescuing Gwen is the easy part. Saving her friend from captivity, proving their three-way relationship is worth fighting for, and staying alive long enough to soul-bond are not. But when faced with their last chance at happiness, Xander and Vlad will stop at nothing to win.

Forbidden Mate (Shifter World®: Royal-Kagan series, book 8)

Love has no place in politics. Until a councilman falls in love.

As a politician on the Shifter Council, Anton Alexander can’t afford to fall in love. Any woman he gets involved with would become a target for his enemies. Hurt her, hurt him. Anton accepts this bloodthirsty rule of shifter politics…at least until he finds someone to care about.

Nyx has one goal—to break through the shifter world’s male-dominated culture and prove her worth. One man stands in her way…a distractingly gorgeous and bossy shifter male she can’t stop touching. Now she has to choose between her future and his. And that was never part of her plan. But neither was falling in love with the enemy.

Anton has never been one to shy away from a challenge. But this time, the stakes have never been higher. A shifter only gets one chance at love. And nothing will take Nyx from him. Not his enemies. Not their antiquated traditions. And most definitely not the law. A true mate’s love overrules everything.

If you’re looking for an intense yet deeply sensual and romantic shifter series that keeps you reading late into the night, you’re on the right page.

Start reading today and discover for yourself why readers are raving about the Shifter World® where the line between love and ownership is blurred by the instincts of a predator.

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