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Bridged by Love (Shifter World®: Royal-Kagan series, book 5)

One choice—tradition or love—will either seal a man’s fate or his pack’s future.
Born human and raised among wolves, Riley understands the intricacies of pack life and where she falls in their hierarchy.
At the bottom.
But when Nic Kagan—former boyfriend and future alpha—returns to the pack, Riley sets her sights on a different position. By Nic’s side…forever.

Primal instincts to breed don’t allow for human emotions. Rival shifters looking to take over the pack don’t care about Nic’s feelings either.
But Riley has owned Nic’s heart and his body for years.
With the full moon fast approaching, Nic is in for the fight of his life. Especially when his wolf might turn out to be his greatest adversary.

Shared for Love (Shifter World®: Royal-Kagan series, book 6)

Never ask a shifter to choose between two mates.
Newly matured shifter, Hannah Kagan has her sights set on saving a neighboring pack from a corrupt leader. All she has to do is convince Ethan Jager to mate her and take over the Tanner pack. A chance encounter with a handsome stranger makes her question everything, including her love for Ethan.

Noah lost his mate decades ago. His secret relationship with fellow pack mate, Ethan, soothed the sting of her loss. Hannah, however, can either heal him once and for all…or rip his heart in half.

With his pack in shambles, Ethan struggles with a choice: mate Hannah and take over as leader or huddle in the dark with Noah while his friends and neighbors suffer. Neither option fits his wants. That leaves him with one alternative:

Claim both of his mates…and try not to die in the process.

Last Chance (Shifter World®: Royal-Kagan series, book 7)

Best friends share everything. Even a true mate?
Gwen Burnett is being hunted.
Winner takes all.
And the enthralling shifter who catches her and the charismatic male who rescues her want to claim their prize—her—for eternity.

Vlad, a Royal shifter from the Winchester pack, should’ve claimed his true mate the day he met her.
But persuading his best friend and the innocent human they’ve pursued for months to share everything will make his victory so much sweeter.

Powerful. Demanding. Enticing.
As leader of the Winchester pack, Xander gets what he wants. No matter what he has to do to claim his prize. Or who he has to share Gwen with.
And nobody will take his possessions away. Not the pack mates questioning his nontraditional relationship. Not the enemy looking to steal Gwen back. Not even the witches and shamans hunting them all.
A wolf will fight until his dying breath to protect his pack… and his true mates.

Forbidden Mate (Shifter World®: Royal-Kagan series, book 8)

Goal: Topple a powerful man.
Reality: He lands on top of you.

Nyx was supposed to bring down the strongest Royal feline on the Shifter Council.
Not fall in love with Anton Alexander.
But living in the same house with the arrogant, aloof male changed her ambitions. Except the plans she set in motion can’t be as easily altered as her heart.

Never date your employee. The simple rule should’ve saved Anton from falling under Nyx’s spell.
But Nyx isn’t just a secretary. And he never expected his true mate would try to implicate him in a crime.
When the real murderer comes after both of them, Anton has no choice but to embrace his primal side.
Hunt or be hunted.
And a Royal never loses.

This series has a content rating = late night Cable TV (eg. Game of Thrones, Outlander, The Witcher, The Handmaid’s Tale).
This book is the Mainstream Fiction version of Shifter World®:Royals and Alphas by Dana Archer, the Paranormal Suspense (clean) pen name of Nancy Corrigan.
If you prefer closed-door romance and tame language, then Dana Archer’s versions are for you.

As always, Nancy promises a satisfying story, blistering romance, edge of your seat mystery, page-turning suspense, and an intriguing fantasy based on mythology with a happily ever after and no cheating.

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Shifter World®: Royal-Kagan

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Boxed Set


Mainstream Fiction


Paranormal Romance: Shifters


3rd person, dual POV in past tense

Written by

Nancy Corrigan