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Treasured Find (Shifter World® Royal-Kagan series, book 1)

A father is dead. A shifter child is missing. And a human female with a secret.
As a human living in the shifter world, Jasmine Wyn followed one rule: Don’t trust shifters. Ever.
A stalker with his sights set on her family tests her conviction.
But it’s the shifter who vows to protect and love her who will end her life as she knows it…if she entrusts Rafe with her safety and her heart.

Centuries of living didn’t prepare Rafe, a Royal feline shifter from the Alexander pride, for the day he’d meet his true mate.
But now that he’s found Jasmine, nothing will take her from him. Not her doubts. Not the dangers of a human-shifter mating. And not the enemy lurking in the shadows.
Nothing keeps a shifter from his mate…

Beautiful Mistake (Shifter World® Royal-Kagan series, book 2)

A woman on the run. A savage shifter. And a race to save the innocent.
Lena Burnett will do anything to save her adopted shifter sister from an enemy pride. Even turn herself into bait.
Getting captured wasn’t part of the plan.
Neither is falling in love with her sexy savior. But Devin is wickedly irresistible. He promises to rescue her family too. Before it’s too late…

Devin Moore, a Royal from the Alexander pride, is a breath away from turning feral. Only a true mate’s healing touch can save him.
Lena is his.
He’ll claim his fated mate and rescue her loved ones. The alternative is death—his and the traffickers who took Lena’s family.

Favorite Obsession (Shifter World® Royal-Kagan series, book 3)

Forbidden is in the eye of the beholder.
A prophecy turned Mira into the ultimate prize. Now every shifter male wants to father her children. But there’s only one man she desires: the human male who’s captured her heart.
Forbidden love is dangerous. And oh-so tempting.
Mira understands the risks. But she can’t stop touching Josh either…

Humans living in the shifter world are expected to follow their rules. Josh Conway would rather make his own.
And Mira belongs to him.
Nothing will stop him from claiming her. Not the shifters trying to steal her away. Not their antiquated traditions. And not the divine prediction of the heavens.
Mira is his true mate. And he’ll die to prove it.

Chance on Love (Shifter World® Royal-Kagan series, book 4)

Sometimes taking a chance is the only choice.
As the public face of Kagan Industries, Sean Reynolds has no interest in pack politics or leadership. But when the rightful next in line wolf shifter abandons the pack, the void becomes an opportunity of a lifetime—in his wolf’s eyes, anyway. Not in Sean’s eyes.

But with the influence of the full moon revving up his primal drives, resisting the lure of power is draining. He needs a distraction. A night out among the humans gives him the diversion he needs…until a sultry blonde captures his attention. And when she abruptly disappears, his choice is made. She is not getting away. Ever.

This series has a content rating = late night Cable TV (eg. Game of Thrones, Outlander, The Witcher, The Handmaid’s Tale).
This book is the Mainstream Fiction version of Shifter World®:Royals and Alphas by Dana Archer, the Paranormal Suspense (clean) pen name of Nancy Corrigan.
If you prefer closed-door romance and tame language, then Dana Archer’s versions are for you.

As always, Nancy promises a satisfying story, blistering romance, edge of your seat mystery, page-turning suspense, and an intriguing fantasy based on mythology with a happily ever after and no cheating.

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Shifter World®: Royal-Kagan

Number in Series

Boxed Set


Mainstream Fiction


Paranormal Romance: Shifters


3rd person, dual POV in past tense

Written by

Nancy Corrigan