Wild Hunt | Prequel, book #1


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Book Length

Short Story (less than 20K)


3rd person, single (male) POV, past tense


Mainstream (open-door)

In order to win at the game of love, the Devil unleashes… Hell

They call him the Devil, Satan…a monster. He answers to anything, but if you ask him, he’ll tell you the truth. His name is Arawn, Lord of the Underworld, and he’s been punished for falling in love.
Now, his mate is suffering, the Unseelie Fairy Court is terrorizing the human world, and innocents are dying.
But the Devil has a plan to turn his punishment into victory. And if he happens to tear down Heaven in the process? Well, that’s just the price he has to pay.
Nobody ever said being the Devil was easy.

muscular man shirtless chains

Arawn’s story does not have a happy ending. It doesn’t even have a safe ending, but the devil has a plan to turn his mistake into a victory.

Come join him on the Wild Hunt for an exciting fairy tale of love, betrayal, mystery, and redemption.

…intriguing and original.

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Copyright © 2015 by Nancy Corrigan All Rights Are Reserved.

Excerpt from Chapter 1

Arawn turned his back on the domain he’d been tasked to oversee and made his way inside, each step slower than the last. Choices, past and present, weighed him down. They couldn’t be ignored, however. He’d picked his path, and the consequences of his decision were inescapable.

At his office, he straightened his spine, then flung the door open.

Lucas, the Demon King, stood with his hands clasped behind his back and his gaze on Minerva’s portrait. He glanced over his shoulder. His plain brown eyes held curiosity. “You summoned me?”

Arawn shut the door behind him. “I am leaving the Underworld, and I want you to maintain my rule while I’m gone.”

Lucas raised a brown brow, the only sign of his shock. “And how do you plan to pull off such a feat? You are tied to this realm, as I am.”

“Through my mate’s connection to the heavens.” Minerva just didn’t know she’d be helping him yet.

“I see.” Lucas faced Minerva’s portrait. “She plans to leave the Underworld too? I thought she’d vowed to remain here under your”—he cleared his throat—“protection.”

Protection. Arawn almost snorted at the demon’s word choice. None of the creatures in the Underworld would dare harm Minerva. No, it wasn’t protection Arawn offered her but relief. Within his realm of desolation, she thrived.

“She will remain here, and you will distract her from the unfortunate side effect of her position.”

“I am an incubus.” A leering grin spread over Lucas’s ordinary face. “The only comfort I can give is sex.”

Arawn didn’t bother responding to the demon’s taunting. For one, Arawn didn’t doubt his mate’s love or fidelity. More importantly, he knew what Lucas wanted above all else, and it had nothing to do with sex.

“Do so, and I will revoke my pardon. You and your flock will descend into the lowest pits of Hell.”

Lucas stepped forward, body tensed and hands balled into fists. “You need me to corral all the demon species. I am their king. You promised—”

“I promised nothing. Fear kept the lesser demons in check before you arrived. It will do so again if you lose your position. Do not forget why you were sentenced here.” Arawn motioned toward the body Lucas inhabited. “Or our deal.”

Lucas’s nostrils flared on his rough inhales. Finally, he cursed. “So be it.”

“Good.” Arawn nodded. “Until I return, then.”

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