Royal Shifters

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Treasured Find (Shifter World®: Royal-Kagan series, book 1)

A determined shifter. A protective mother. And love…if they can survive long enough to claim their forever.

After five centuries, Rafe Alexander knows what to expect from life – boredom, broken by the occasional call from Shifter Affairs. No matter what job the shifter police department assigns him, he always accepts their plea for help. As a Royal feline shifter, he’s the strongest of his kind. And he knows firsthand the dangers of the shifter world. If there’s a chance he can save an innocent, he’ll take whatever risk is necessary.

But the task that leads him to West Virginia changes everything. A father is dead. A shifter child is missing. And the human female connected to both tragedies is hiding a secret.

Rafe’s interest in Jasmine goes far beyond the case. She’s his true mate, but because of the horrors she’s seen, she doesn’t trust shifters. That won’t stop him. He’ll soothe her fears. The killer targeting her family won’t prevent him from claiming Jasmine either. Rafe will risk everything – including his life – to be the man she needs. Nothing keeps a shifter from his fated mate.

Beautiful Mistake (Shifter World®: Royal-Kagan series, book 2)

A tortured man…A fearless woman…A mistake that’ll change their lives forever.

After sacrificing his sanity to save his sister, Devin struggles to keep his shattered mind together, destroying his hope of having a family. All that’s left is fighting for those in need, and when information on his pride’s missing child reaches him, he rushes to bring her home…and makes the worst mistake of his life.

When traffickers target her family, Lena makes a bold choice so her little sisters can escape. She becomes bait, but getting caught was never part of the plan. Neither is falling in love with the incredibly hot shifter who almost killed her, but Devin wants to protect her family. She wants to believe him, but for a woman who’s been burned more than once, trust doesn’t come as easily as lust.

Devin will never be whole or sane, but for Lena, he can be the hero she needs…even if he loses his battle with insanity in the process.

Favorite Obsession (Shifter World®: Royal-Kagan series, book 3)

Forbidden is in the eye of the beholder.

As a human living among shifters, Josh is expected to abide by Pride law, but he’s never been very good at following rules. He’d rather make his own. The habit has gotten him in trouble over the years, but it’s all about the endgame. And this time he knows exactly what he wants – the gorgeous feline shifter who’s off-limits.

Mira’s a wanted woman…literally. Every unmated shifter male wants to be the father of her children. She doesn’t want any of them. Her heart is set on the one man she can never have. As a human, Josh is forbidden, but she can’t stop touching him…or falling in love with him.

Mira is his. Josh knew it the moment he looked into her eyes. Of course, convincing her of the truth involves overcoming a prophecy, her protective family, and the little issue of them being different species. No big deal. He’ll figure out a way to make it work because his mind is made up. He’s not letting his woman go. Ever.

If you’re looking for an intense yet deeply sensual and romantic shifter series that keeps you reading late into the night, you’re on the right page.

Start reading today and discover for yourself why readers are raving about the Shifter World® where the line between love and ownership is blurred by the instincts of a predator.

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Shifter World®: Royal-Kagan

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Paranormal Romance: Shifters


3rd person, dual POV in past tense

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Nancy Corrigan