Royal Shifters e-book cover image by Nancy Corrigan book 1 in the Shifter World, a best-selling, a critically acclaimed paranormal suspense romance novel
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Royal Shifters

A human mother with secrets. A sister in danger. A woman shamed for love.

Meet the Royal shifters... Half man and half god with the blood of the heavens in their veins and three untamed beasts sharing their bodies and souls. Driven by intense instincts, they will stop at nothing to claim the ones who make them whole.

Royal-Kagan series books included:
  1. Treasured Find - I'm no stranger to the shifter world. After getting captured once, I steer clear of all the monsters pretending to be my next door neighbors. Rafe slipped past my defenses. Now, danger found me again. But this time, I'm not getting away.
  2. Beautiful Mistake - A deadly kidnapping attempt separated me from my family. They're in the hands of the enemy, and apparently, I'm now married to a feral shifter who is determined to make me crave his touch and be my hero.
  3. Favorite Obsession - I've been designated as a breeder female, but the man I love is forbidden. He's human. But Josh isn't letting me go. And he's not above playing dirty to keep me.

  • ISBN e-book = 978-1-953075-48-2
  • ASIN e-book = B09ZPT7N6Y
  • Series = Shifter World
  • # in Series = 1
  • Includes: Treasured Find, Beautiful Mistake, and Favorite Obsession
  • Publisher = Cherokee House Publishing
  • Author = Nancy Corrigan
  • Genre = Paranormal Suspense Romance (Fiction)
  • Mainstream Fiction (open-door) version

"Nancy Corrigan did a great job of filling this series with heat and romance without sacrificing the plot." - A Reader's Review ★★★★★

"Riveting, suspenseful and deeply emotional!" - Debra B. ★★★★★

"This book is so awesome!" - Andrea C. ★★★★★

"A must read." - Hada ★★★★★

"Great characters, stellar writing and awesome plots. Absolutely love this book." - G. Peach ★★★★★

"Loved it! I didn't want to stop reading!" - C. Bilson ★★★★★

"Believable characters and enjoyable read." - S. Wolfe ★★★★★

"It was like reading a mystery, but with shifters." - Alice ★★★★★

A father is dead. A shifter child is missing. And the woman connected to both is hiding a secret.

Centuries of living didn't prepare Rafe, a Royal feline shifter, for the day he'd meet his true mate. But now that he's found Jasmine, nothing will take her from him. Not her doubts. Not the dangers of a human-shifter mating. And not the enemy lurking in the shadows. Rafe will risk his eternal soul to save his fated female.

Nothing keeps a shifter from his mate...


The shifter who bites you...
Keeps you?

Feral. The Royal shifter who claimed Lena's body and soul is feral.

Devin's also wickedly handsome, kisses better than any man before him, and promises to slay all her demons. With her sisters in the hands of the enemy, she has enough personal issues to qualify as a hot mess too.

She needs a hero, not a powerful immortal on the brink. But every smoldering encounter they share solidifies Devin's vow.

He's her perfectly imperfect match. And Death better cower and run before Devin starts hunting.


Forbidden love is dangerous.
And oh-so-tempting.

Mira, a Royal shifter from the Alexander Pride, has been given an ultimatum: pick a mate or one will be assigned to her.

She's been designated as a breeder female.

And the man she loves can't mate her or get her pregnant. Josh is human. Even kissing him is taboo.

But Josh isn't letting her go. He claims they're meant to be together. And if he's right? They're in more danger than either of them ever expected.

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