Reborn e-book cover image by Nancy Corrigan book 3 in the Wild Hunt, a critically acclaimed paranormal demons & devil romance novel
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Two broken souls. A love mourned. A future never forgotten.

One goal sends Trevor O’Connor prowling the streets at night—revenge against the man preying on tall, dark-haired women. But in the ‘Otherworld’, plans never go as expected, especially when he’s only a human playing with monsters…or sleeping with one of them.

From the moment Trevor laid eyes on Rowan, he was hooked. If she’d stop talking, she’d be the perfect woman—hot, dangerous, and just the right mix of innocence and deadliness. But Rowan does talk. A lot. And somewhere along the way, he’s fallen in love with her.

There’s only one problem. She’s been cursed. And if they can’t break it, they lose…everything, including each other.

  • ISBN e-book = 978-1-953075-41-3
  • ASIN e-book =
  • Series = Wild Hunt
  • # in Series = 3
  • Publisher = Cherokee House Publishing
  • Author = Nancy Corrigan
  • Genre = Paranormal Demon Romance (Fiction)
  • Previously released as: Hunter Mourned

Gripping story which will hold you to the end!!

I absolutely love this series. Each book gets better and better. Throw in the fact that this is a second chance romance, and I'm all in. It's emotional, sexy, and action packed. Nancy just has a way with words.

Tina ★★★★★

"When was the last time you had a woman in your bed?" Rowan asked.
"Don't you know?" He cocked a brow. He wouldn't admit to something she knew. Her next question would then be—why? Nope. Not going there. "You do make a habit of being in the hallway when I step out of my bedroom every evening."
He'd fallen into the same sleep cycle as the Huntsmen, at least the ones who slept. Being demigods, mortal habits such as sleeping and eating were optional. Sex, however, was one pleasure they indulged in. Not that anyone living at the estate would bring a lover there, including him, but he wanted to put Rowan on the spot. Fluster her a little. The woman was too damn moody. Seeing her blush would make his night.
"My bedroom is next to yours." She moved her hands to his chest and undid the top few buttons of his shirt. "It's completely coincidental."
A wall separated her bed from his. A few inches. It drove him nuts knowing she was so close. "You do seem to enjoy sleeping."
"I do." She undid the remaining buttons on his shirt. "It passes the time."
That was her reasoning behind everything she did outside of hunting the evil walking the earth. "Is that why you were playing on the swings tonight? Passing time when you should've been out looking for redcap activity?"
"My hounds are searching for me. You know how it is, I see what they see, and they haven't spotted anything"—she tugged his shirt from his pants—"besides you."
The inability to draw the attention of the city's lowlifes made sense in light of her revelation. She didn't have to morph into her Hunter's form in order to strike fear in the hearts of those close by. Her dangerous aura did it for her...if she let it trickle out. It didn't bother him, though. Probably because he was used to it. Whatever the reason, he was glad he never feared her. Lusting for her was bad enough.
"So what? You were waiting for me to stumble over you."

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