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Possessed… by the Alpha

He thinks we’re destined to be together. I think he’s crazy.
Ideally, I’ll get justice for my family and leave my pain behind, sans soul mate. But the past has a way of digging its claws in…

All I wanted when I came home was to see my brother, Josh, and his mate, Mira. If only things were that simple.

I’m called the “beloved human” of Kade, the alluring golden-eyed Alpha of the Royal Alexander pride. Its members consider me his possession. I avoid thinking too hard about what that means by teasing him mercilessly. Did I mention I borrowed his prize car and skipped town when I thought he was being a jerk to one of his pride mates?

Since I’ve returned, I’ve had bigger problems. My nightmares are back, stronger than ever, and they’re starting to bleed into the real world. To make them stop, I have to discover the truth behind the attack that cost me my baby and my fiancé. Their deaths need justice. And I need my revenge.

Ever since I healed Zoe, the sister-in-law of one of my pride mates, she’s been my responsibility in the group to handle—and to control. I never asked to claim her, and I didn’t want to.

Until now.

She’s the one. My mate. I’ve known it ever since she returned to the pride, and the timing couldn’t be worse. Other shifters are making bets on how soon I’ll lose my title, and fears from a prophesy about Josh and Mira’s children have made our group a target.

I’ll do anything to protect Zoe, to ensure our pride is a safe place for the future we could have together. All that’s left is to convince her—and to prevent my enemies from claiming what’s mine.

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Paranormal Romance: Shifters


Mainstream Fiction


Shifter World®: Shifter Affairs

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1st person, dual POV in present tense.


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Nancy Corrigan


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