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Play With Me

Tangling with a rock star is all fun and games...
until you end up falling in love.

The country bartender who caught Blaire's attention was supposed to be a distraction. Jack would keep her busy and warm and happy while her security detail handled her latest stalker.

Falling in love was not on her to-do list.

Too bad her heart decided to betray her. Now the ruggedly handsome guy she picked up on a whim is in her stalker's crosshairs.

And Blaire can't lose Jack. He's the only part of her life that matters.

  • ISBN e-book = 978-1-953075-13-0
  • Series = Working Men Love
  • # in Series = 3
  • Publisher = Cherokee House Publishing
  • Author = Nancy Corrigan writing as Hayden Wolfe
  • Genre = Contemporary Romance (Fiction)
  • Previously released

Pulls you in from beginning to the end

I really enjoyed this story of two people who fought their need for love.

"Country living really does offer the best views, doesn't it?"

Jack paused on the steps leading to the cabin overlooking Sander's Lake. He adjusted the load of boxes he carried and glanced over his shoulder. Blaine stood at the bottom of the porch with her gaze locked on him, or, more specifically, his ass.

He grunted and climbed the rest of the stairs. After stacking the boxes near the door to take in later, he followed the wraparound deck to the back of the cabin and leaned on the railing. Once Blaine rounded this side of the cabin, he motioned to the valley with a jerk of his chin. "What part of it do you like the best?"

Blaine gasped. She made her way to him, then stared at the valley for several minutes. Finally, she closed her mouth. "It's beautiful."

"What? You sound shocked. Wasn't this the view you were talking about?"

Biting her lip, Blaine dipped her head. The smile she fought to hide brought a nice flush to her cheeks. "Of course it was. I just didn't realize there was an even better view from back here."


Blaine's eyes widened. Her mouth formed a small o.

"Look at you." He laughed. "You can't even hide your lie. Your face is an open book."

"I did not lie." Her perfectly articulated words sounded as fake as her shocked expression. "And my face is not an open book. I act too, don't forget. I can lie with the best of them."

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