Last Chance

Last Chance e-book cover image by Nancy Corrigan book 7 in the Royal-Kagan series, part of the Shifter World, a best-selling, a critically acclaimed paranormal suspense romance novel

Best friends share everything...
But can they share a true mate?

Gwen Burnett is being hunted. Winner takes all. And the enthralling shifter who catches her and the charismatic male who rescues her want to claim their prize—her—for eternity.

Vlad, a Royal shifter from the Winchester pack, should’ve claimed his true mate the day he met her. But persuading his best friend and the innocent human they’ve pursued for months to share everything will make his victory so much sweeter.

As leader of the Winchester pack, Xander gets what he wants. No matter what he has to do to claim his prize. Or who he has to share Gwen with. And nobody will take his possessions away. Not his pack mates questioning his nontraditional relationship. Not the enemy looking to steal Gwen back. Not even the witches and shamans hunting them all. A wolf will fight until his dying breath to protect his pack…and his true mates.

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Book Information

  • ISBN e-book = 978-1-953075-31-4
  • ASIN e-book = B09ZNXGH28
  • Series = Royal-Kagan
  • # in Series = 7
  • Publisher = Cherokee House Publishing
  • Author = Nancy Corrigan
  • Genre = Paranormal Suspense Romance (Fiction)
  • Mainstream Fiction (open-door) version of Xander by Dana Archer

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"Nonstop excitement and action." - Sunny L. ★★★★★

Gwen finally understood why deer darted out in front of cars.


Being a prey animal sucked. Every noise and shadow spooked her.

She skidded to a stop several feet from the natural staircase. Her eyes widened, and her mouth opened.

For one heart-stopping moment, her gaze collided with his. Recognition swept over her, exactly as it had the night he’d licked the wound on her hand. He hadn’t imagined their connection. She was his. His gift from the goddesses. His perfect match. His one true mate.

The one woman he could never satisfy completely.

“How did you find me?” Her rough breaths fogged the air.

“I’ve been searching for you ever since—”

A shot rang out. Chunks of dirt and rocks sprayed over Gwen’s legs.

Gwen stepped into the room, turning off the bathroom light and closing the door behind her. She scanned the space, her gaze skipping over the few pieces of furniture and settling on the platter of crackers and cheese. “Reno finally brought food. Is it safe?”

“Yes.” He’d tasted it while waiting for her.

She nodded and made her way to the table. Without looking at him, she picked up a glass of wine and drained the contents. She reached for the second wineglass.

He grasped her wrist. “Careful. You don’t want to get drunk.”

“Don’t I?”

“No.” He cut a piece of cheese, placed it between two crackers, and brought the bite to her lips. “You need strength, not liquid courage.”

She turned her head, ignoring his offering, and made a similar sandwich. The refusal of his gesture annoyed him until she held the one she’d made to his mouth. “No. I need you.”

Gwen stepped closer to Xander. Happiness brightened her eyes and lightened her voice. “You walked away from all your responsibilities for me?”

Xander brushed his lips over Gwen’s. “Of course. You are my gift from the Winchester pack’s goddess. Nothing is more important than your safety.”

Strong arms wrapped around her. She screamed. A hand clamped over her mouth, muffling the sound. The instinct to escape took hold. She twisted and slammed her elbow into the hard chest of the man holding her. he’d f“Gwen, calm down.”


Embarrassment tightened her throat. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I—”

“Never apologize for something you can’t control,” he repeated his earlier words.

She squeezed her eyes shut. They burned. “You startled me. That’s all.”

“I can see that, but this is what you must prepare for. I can hear your heart pounding. I can smell your fear. And I can see how you’re trembling. That’s what a predator does, my mate. Focuses on the weaknesses of those around him. Outside of the pack, a shifter will ignore such things for the most part as we understand humans can’t control these traits. In a pack, however, we’d exploit it, even if we don’t consciously do so. The pack order is constantly in flux, and my absence has sent the structure of the Winchester pack into chaos. When we return, you will draw everyone’s attention.”

“And they’ll view me as a beta.”

“It’s you.”

The scarf wrapped around Gwen’s mouth muffled the words, but the shock in her voice was clear. She knew him. How? Humans weren’t supposed to remember their past lives. He’d specially sought out that knowledge from the elders of his species, the ones who were old enough to remember the time when the gods and goddesses interacted with the mortal world. Xander had taken comfort in knowing future incarnations of his true mate wouldn’t recall how he’d allowed her to die. Twice.

“Have we met?” If they had, she never would’ve gotten herself kidnapped. After Tabitha, the last human female who housed his true mate’s soul, perished, he promised himself he’d never allow his female to suffer. He wasn’t quite sure how he was supposed to accomplish that without tainting Gwen’s life with his presence, but he’d figure out a way, even if he had to lurk in the shadows, watching over her, for the rest of her life.

She tugged the gray scarf down, exposing the face he’d only seen in photographs. None of those pictures had done her justice. She was beautiful. An angel. Too good for him. He greedily let his gaze drink in her sweetness anyway, then met her chocolate-colored eyes.

“Not officially, but I’ve seen you before. You were hunting me. In Delaware.” She licked her lips, then glanced at the ground. “Do you remember?”

As if he’d forget. The memory of that day on the waterfront when he’d been searching for her and Molly haunted him still. A sensation of peace had settled over him, chasing away the aggression he usually encountered around humans. Those few seconds of peace were the reason he’d all but abandoned his pack in his search of Gwen. He’d known what they meant. Twice before, he’d experienced the phenomenon. Each time had been in the presence of his true mate, the two human females he’d damned by touching them.

“Really?” He swept his gaze over her. The parka hid her body, and none of the photos he had of Gwen revealed much. She didn’t like getting her picture taken. From what he’d learned of Gwen, she was as shy as she’d been in previous lifetimes. “I would’ve remembered seeing you.”

“Oh, you didn’t see me. I hid from you.” She slipped the dagger back into the sheath, shoved it in her pocket, then flicked her gaze to the woods, scanning them as if looking for help or an escape.

The tensing in her body and the desperation in her expression warned him to tread carefully. She was going to run. While he didn’t worry he’d lose her, he didn’t want to frighten her more. Chasing her would do that.

“I wish you hadn’t. I could’ve helped you.”

“No, I don’t believe that. If you could’ve, Molly wouldn’t have given me the advice she had.”

The scientists in the experimental center where Molly, Gwen’s adopted sister, had been born had turned the young lion shifter into the temporary host of a Royal pride’s spirit. The unnatural bond between the little girl and the Leon pride’s founding ancestor was an attempt to grant single shifters, those mortal shifters who could only take a single animal’s form, immortality. The scientists’ gamble paid off, but not in the way they’d expected. The Leon ancestor had merged completely with Molly, turning her into its pride’s next leader. Not her future mate as they’d intended.

“What advice did Molly give you?”

Gwen slid her bag off her shoulder and dropped it on the ground. “To run.”