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A shy waitress and an ancient shapeshifting assassin with a bounty on his head…
A match made in heaven?

The big secret is out. My next door neighbor, my best friend, my coworkers…they’re all shifters. And my boss? I don’t know what he is, but he’s not human like me.

I was never supposed to find out about their hidden society either. It was supposed to be a simple favor. Instead of helping out the hot, mysterious bouncer at my bar, I narrowly escaped death at the hands of a psycho shifter and inadvertently rescued Ilan’s nephew.

And my obsession with Ilan all these years? It wasn’t just me with a forbidden silly crush on a guy completely out of my league. The gods have marked me as Ilan’s mate. The problem is, he doesn’t think a curvy and boring human can handle the darkness of his world. He’d rather protect me.

Well, Ilan got his wish. With a murdering shifter hunting me, I need all the protection I can get.

The things a girl has to do to get a guy’s attention these days…

  • ISBN e-book = 978-1-953075-34-5
  • ASIN e-book = B0BC9VLTG5
  • Series = Shifter Affairs
  • # in Series = 2
  • Publisher = Cherokee House Publishing
  • Author = Nancy Corrigan
  • Genre = Paranormal Suspense Romance (Fiction)
  • Mainstream Fiction (open-door) version of ILAN by Dana Archer

"Great read, strong characters. I recommend that you read all of the series - you won’t be disappointed." - Lyn ★★★★★

"This one blew me away" - Jacqueline ★★★★★

"Filled with emotion." - B. Bel ★★★★★

"I really enjoyed this book. It captured my attention right from the very first chapter." - Jessica N. ★★★★★

"A highly entertaining read!!!" - K. Son ★★★★★

"AWESOME AWESOME READ!!!!" - Diane ★★★★★

"This is such an unusual and compelling paranormal world. It’s safe to say I’m hooked on these shifters now." - Kristen ★★★★★

"Nonstop action and great chemistry with some sexy time. Lots of surprises and I loved it!!" - Emily D. ★★★★★

An arm hooks around my waist and yanks me against a solid chest. I scream. My cry’s cut off with a large palm over my mouth.

The scent of pine and man surrounds me.


He’s the wolf. He’s the one who killed that lion. He’s the one who saved us.

He’s also not human.

Ilan crowds me against the side of the car and brushes his cheek against mine before pressing his lips to my ear. “If you want to live, Sara, you won’t tell anyone what you witnessed tonight."

“Why, Ilan?”

Sara’s voice trembles, and the stench of her fear thickens the air around us. I want to cradle her against my chest and tell her everything’s going to be okay. I’d be lying if I did. I need to get away from this human. That’s the only thing that’ll save us both.

No freakin’ chance of that happening. Not now.

Stepping back, I give her plenty of space and hold out my hand. “Give me your keys.”

“Oh my.” Sara’s gray eyes turn into saucers. She drags her gaze over my naked body, lingering on my flaccid dick, before focusing on my face. She inhales sharply. “You’re naked.”

Shifting had that unfortunate consequence. I can’t even put my clothes back on. They’re in a tattered pile near the side of my house, along with my sunglasses. I need them around humans. People tend to freak when they see my eyes, but Sara’s not screaming at the sight of my inhuman eyes. It is dark out, though. Maybe she hasn’t noticed them. She is only human with all the frailties that come with it. Poor nighttime vision is one of them.

“Yep. I like to dance naked under the light of the moon.” I wiggle my fingers. “Now give me your keys.”

The soft caress of Ilan's fingertips over the thumping vein in my neck eases the tremors in my legs, saving me from crumpling to the ground at Ilan's feet.

"Do not fear this." Ilan's lips brush mine with each word. "It's as natural as the cycle of the moon."

Ilan's comparison makes my heart flutter and slows the rapid beat. I feel my body calming under his touch, much as the baby's cries had slowed last night under Ilan's caress. "What is this power you hold over me?"

He moves his hands to my shoulders. His firm hold is the gentlest I've ever felt. Odd that his grip could elicit such a sensation of reverence within me. "It's the same as you hold over me, Sara."

"I don't understand." My breathless voice doesn't shake. It's not weak either. There's an anticipation surrounding this moment I don't understand. As if it's life altering.

"You will." Ilan's softly spoken words wind through me, revving the expectancy until every inch of me is aware, excited for what Ilan will do.

I clasp Sara’s wrist. Energy rushes through me, sensitizing my body and strengthening me. I grit my teeth against the power this woman has over me and lead her toward the side of my cabin.

“Wait.” Sara locks her knees, forcing me to drag her or stop.

I stop.

“The baby. We can’t leave the baby. The other lion. I heard it. It’s out there.”

“Baby?” I hear the question in my voice. It pisses me off. I saw the car seat spin. Heard the baby’s whimper. Witnessed Sara’s protective actions. Yet, the moment I got my hands on Sara, I forgot about the other innocent in my presence.

“Yes, the baby.” Sara shakes off my hold and rushes back to the car. She tugs the blanket back, then inhales sharply. With a hand over her mouth, she steps back. “His eyes… Oh God, Ilan. His eyes.”

Ilan draws one of my hands down. A splash of light from the kitchen illuminates one of his eyes and a section of his mouth. The intensity in his gaze stills my breath. "I let love blind me. Turn me into a fool, exactly as my goddess warned me against. I couldn't help it. You're so pure, so innocent, so sweet. I wanted to save you."

Wide-eyed, I stare at him. He can't be serious. "You wanted to save me? From you?"

With his gaze locked on mine, he dips his head. "But there's no hope for you now. This baby's sealed your fate."

"Because you need someone to take care of him." The thought's crossed my mind. Several times.

"Because I need what only you can give me."

"Power." I force the word past my lips.

"Yes, Sara." Ilan twines our fingers and draws me close, the baby once again forcing us to keep a respectable distance.

"But I'll make your confinement pleasurable. I promise you that."

"Confinement?" I step back, but I can't escape. Ilan's firm grip won't allow me to run. I've lost my chance. "Do you plan on locking me up somewhere?"

A steady tug on my arm draws me forward. Ilan leads us deeper into the living room and lays the sleeping newborn in the bassinet. He skims his fingertips over the little boy's cheek before turning and pulling me flush against his body. I let out a little oomph. He holds me close, so close every breath he takes pushes his chest to mine, then he brushes his nose over the sensitive spot right below my ear. "Yes, Sara, there's no escape for you. Darkness owns you."

My pulse kicks up. Fear doesn't feed the rapid beat. Excitement does. My body's humming, the need for Ilan's touch unbearable. "I thought you did."

The curve of Ilan's mouth against my skin sends shivers down my spine. "I am the darkness."

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