About Nancy Corrigan

Official Bio

Nancy Corrigan is the daughter of a coal miner who learned early on that nothing in life comes easy, especially for a girl from the "other side of the tracks" but kindness, grit, and resilience go a long way.

Even though life hasn't always been easy, she's never stopped dreaming or loving or writing.

And for Nancy, storytelling is her passion. She infuses her characters with raw emotions that bleed through every vividly crafted scene in order to deliver a story where love always, always wins. Because everyone deserves a happily ever after.

Nancy writes closed-door versions of the Shifter World under the pen name of Dana Archer, and contemporary romance under Nancy Corrigan writing as Hayden Wolfe.

Personal Bio

Nancy is a wife, mother, and coffee addict.
Nowadays, however, she drinks mostly decaf, her kids are heading off to college and moving out, and she's been married longer to the same wonderful and supportive man than she was single. She's one lucky woman! Plus, she gets to spend her days writing and is immensely grateful for the support of her readers.

She's also owned by bassholes (also known as the basset hounds who rule the house). In addition to her dogs, she shares her house with cats, a red-eared slider turtle, a Western Hermann toroise, a ball python, and a ghost who never flushes the toilet and leaves empty boxes in the cabinets.

Her other interests include muscle cars and tattoos.